So you want to get your masters?

For the past 18 months I have been working towards a masters in Curriculum and Instruction from WGU. When I think back to August 2014 when I made the decision to pursue a masters it is all fuzzy. I remember my parents encouraging me to continue my education, and my husband being extremely supportive. However, I cannot pinpoint the moment I thought “Hey, why don’t you work full time and go to school”. I think I was in a summer daze. The Utah heat and high altitudes must have made me disoriented as I researched schools and pridefully thought, “I can easily do this.”

As one of my favorite movie characters stated:


While it definitely wasn’t easy by any means, I am now just a few days away from defending my masters thesis. The dreaded thesis: an 80 page paper with my sweat, tears, and possibly some sleep-deprived typos, is complete.

At WGU I was privileged to complete a 2 year program with six months to spare. With six month semesters, and a husband always reminding me to “work on a paper babe”, I plowed through. 30 credits later, I am staring my own research in the face.

My brain has been unable to concentrate on almost anything other than the anticipation behind my masters defense. My thesis is done, my speech is written, I know my research inside and out. Honestly, I cannot wait for it to be over, but not for the obvious reasons. I long to feel functional and normal again. Working on my masters there was always something on the back of my mind. ALWAYS. Lesson plans, housework, husband time, physical fitness, and more all took a back burner. That’s a lot of responsibilities simmering in the background not always getting the attention needed to cook properly.

Needless to say I am ready to have time to pursue other dreams. And maybe take a bubble bath every night and read a good book.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful I had the opportunity to accomplish such a task. I would highly recommend it! It required me to challenge myself and push myself to my outer limits. I could not have done it without the support of my wonderful husband. I am also indebted to my sweet parents for always supporting me in my education endeavors. And I could not have completed my research without my incredible students. They proved to me so much more than I could ever prove to a defense facilitator.

If a master’s degree is on your radar, do it! It will be hard, you will probably cry-a lot. But your family, your students, and most importantly– YOU–will benefit more than you know!

The research was on peer editing in first grade writing. As I applied this research into my writing instruction I watched my little writers confidence grow. It is amazing what peer interaction can do for students self-confidence. I plan on posting another detailed post on how you can implement peer editing into your writing instruction, based on my research. Just let me pass my defense first!

My thesis in a nutshell:

Peer editing–I highly recommend it.


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