Creating Classroom Leaders

I have been so distracted and bogged down with finishing my masters that I have been disjointed when it comes to blogging. I have officially passed my masters thesis!


I can now dedicate some of my time to things I absolutely love—aka writing and sharing my teaching ideas!

I just wanted to drop in and share my first official TPT product that correlates to Leader in Me. If you aren’t familiar with Leader in Me feel free to visit this website. If you are anything like me and just want to hear a quick synopsis instead of clicking on yet another link please read below.

The Leader in Me is based on Steven Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It is a great read on how to best implement life habits to make you a better person and to feel more in tune with your life.

The whole point of the Leader in Me program is to implement those 7 habits into schools, classrooms, teachers, and students lives. Leader in Me is a program that comes into your school and completely transforms schools, if you put in the work.

Here is a quick blurb about each habit:

Habit 1: Be proactive–I’m in charge of me. Students learn that they are in charge of their emotions, behavior, and reactions.

Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind–Have a plan. Students adopt the idea of making plans, goals, and expectations for themselves. Each student has a data notebook where they record various academic and behavior goals. For example, in my students data notebooks they track their behavior each day (based on the behavior clip chart), their homework, spelling test scores, DIBELS results, as well as CFA’s. This encourages students to begin with the end in mind and have a plan to reach a goal.

Habit 3: Put first things first–work first, then play. This habit teaches students to put first things first in their education and in their lives.

Habit 4: Think win-win–I win, you win, we win! This habit teaches students to make things fair for everyone. If a situation isn’t fair they are encouraged to create a positive solution for all.

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood–Listen first, then talk! This is a great one for teachers AND students. I often feel like I cut students off or interrupt. This habit reminds us to be patient and take the time to listen and internalize conversations, then respond. This habit also means students learn to see things from another persons point of view.

Habit 6: Synergize–Together is better! Students learn to work well in groups and be accepting of other people even when they are different. Students learn that working together is just as important as working on our own.

Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw–Balance Feels Best. Students learn to take good care of their bodies! This means they learn to put exercising, getting sleep, and eating right. Family and friends are important. Students can learn in a variety of environments and through different methods.

We are in our first year of Leader in Me and it is a lot of work! But absolutely worth it. I have already seen huge improvements in my students behavior as they learn the language and adapt the habits into their lives. Even little six and seven year olds are using the language of the habits. I have heard my students getting into an argument and stopping themselves and saying, “Let’s think how we can make this a win-win”. Uh, are you kidding me? I usually observe these mini arguments, sigh, and think: Why can’t they just take care of it themselves? Well, with Leader in Me my students are solving more problems on their own, which means less classroom interruptions, which leads to more instructional time!

If this sounds like something for you and your classroom I definitely recommend implementing it. Whether you do it on your own (as I did my second year of teaching), or you try and get your whole school on board, it is really a wonderful, life changing program!

Warning: Don’t expect your students to change without a change occurring in you!

Here is a supplemental guide to each habit to accompany Habits lesson! Unfortunately they made me take if off of TPT because of copyrighted phrases that I was unaware of. If you are interested in this product please email me! Otherwise check out Leader in Me to find other supplemental materials.

If you have any questions about the Leader in Me program, or need help with lessons feel free to email me, or comment below!

Here is an example of what it looks like!



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